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Mallow Flower Foundation

For the recovery of women with cervical cancer and for prevention


Mallow flower is the flower of woman soul, meaning the strenght, the toughness and the beauty. But sometimes our petals can hurt…


We would like to make the period of medical treatment and rehabilitation easier and also we would like to concentrate on prevention…


Get more know about Mallow Flower Foundation with our videos taken about our events and appearances during the years…

Photo Gallery

We would like strenght, faith and hope to be reflected in our photo gallery. Let’s get closer to us by viewing our gallery!

Mallow Team

We wouldn’t be able to reach our aims without helping each other and working together in this small but committed and enthusiastic team.


In the past few years, we have crossed our borders. It doesn’t only means that we broadened the scope of our activities, but also we got place in the main international non-governmental organization.